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I’m afraid I have some bad news…

Getting Your Website To The Top Of The Search Engines Has Never Been More Difficult!

Last year 15.3 million new domains were registered.

Every single day the Internet gets a little more crowded.   In fact, 150,000 domains are registered each and every day…. each of those a potential competitor to you.

Google alone indexes over 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) unique web pages!    That’s a lot of pages – it it any wonder so many small business owners are turning to SEO consulting for help?

But that’s not all…

And It’s Getting Worse

While the numbers of domains continues to grow, one thing that doesn’t is the number of spots available for a small business owner looking to be on the 1st page of Google.

And if the shear volume isn’t enough to scare you, consider this:

A 2011 survey revealed that 52% of small business owners are increasing their SEO budget.   That means even fiercer, more sophisticated competition for those spots.

Bottom line…

If you’re not going to use SEO to get more business, your competition will.

Now there’s nothing wrong with doing the work yourself – especially if you’re really interested in this topic or if you have some time on your hands (or have an employee that does) to get this done.

Heck, that’s why I initially built this website – to provide quality advice about search engine optimization and traffic generation to small business owners who were desperately in need of it.

The important thing is that you do *something*.

70% of  customers search online for a product or service before doing anything else.  Keep in mind that said customers, not just leads or prospects.  70% of the people who pay money for your products or services search online first.  

Not only that, but 94% trust that information learned online more than if they learned it straight from you over the phone or from one of your staff.

 Your Customers Are Searching For What You Sell And They’re Searching Online, Will They Find You?

That statement right there probably sums up SEO in a nutshell.  The whole purpose is to make sure that when a potential client is actively looking for what you sell, they find you.

That’s also why SEO is so competitive and getting harder every day.  Your competition wants to be the company they find too.

Should I Hire An SEO Consultant?

The real question should probably be, can you afford not to?

If your customers are out there searching for your type of business and finding your competition instead of you, how much is that costing you?

And if you only had to compete against other small business owners and their internal marketing departments, it probably wouldn’t be a big deal.

I’ve met very few small businesses that have their own in house SEO and web marketing specialists and even those that have their own “marketing” people usually aren’t doing anything overly sophisticated.

You can rank higher than those businesses easily.

The problem is that many businesses are now bringing in outside Search Engine Optimization Consultants.  

These are guys who live, sleep, and breathe this stuff and have their own teams who all aim to do one thing… To Rank Higher Than You!

And I’ll be perfectly honest, against these hired guns, the little guy doesn’t have a chance in that fight.

It’s Like Trying To Play Golf Against Tiger Woods.

So you really have two choices.

1) Give up and do something else

2) Bring in your own hired gun!

Now I’ll be honest with you, there’s more than one way to bring in clients offline.  There are several so if you find yourself in a battle you can’t win, go some place you can win.  There’s certainly no shame in that.

However, if you want to fight fire with fire, then it’s time to bring in your own hired gun.

I Am That Hired Gun!

My name is Gary Ruplinger.  I started doing SEO back in 2003 and have the experience and skills needed to bring that glorious search engine traffic to your website, bring you new leads, clients, and money you can take to the bank.

Do some people approve of everything I say and do?  Nope, not at all.  Sometimes the things I say and do are controversial.  Go ahead and Google my name and you’ll see plenty of people who love me and a few who hate my guts… it comes with the territory.  Remember that in the world of SEO that for every client you get on the first page of Google, someone else has to leave.

In other words, someone is happy, and someone is pissed off!  You could say I’ve made a career out of pissing off a lot of people.

I saw a neat quote recently that I think really brings this idea home:

“If there’s one thing I wish I’d learned at 18, it’s that it’s okay if a crazy person hates you. ” ~Choire Sicha, founder of “The Awl”

But whether or not you find me lovable or not really doesn’t matter.  I think what you’ll find important is that I get results!

Heck, just do a search for the term, “Traffic Generation” in Google and you’ll find this site.  This site has been ranking in the top 5 of Google for that term since 2009!  Not only can I get high search engine rankings…

The Rankings I Achieve LAST For Years!

In fact, I have some websites that have been quietly ranking in the top 5 of Google since 2006.  Six Years!   Now I’ll be honest with you, most of those aren’t set it and forget it.  They do require some maintenance to stay there.  In very competitive markets, they require a lot of maintence.

But in any case, the rankings last.   I can get your website ranked using long term methods that Google and other search engines love.

The Days of Easy Rankings, Loopholes, and Magic Bullets is Gone

Of course, there are still plenty of sleazy SEO companies out there that want to sell you Easy Rankings, Loopholes, and Magic Bullets.

Here’s the thing you need to keep in mind – Google (and all search engines) HATE loopholes.  In fact, Google updates their algorithm over 500 times a year now – and they spend a lot of time closing loopholes and penalizing companies using them.

And if you hired a cheap SEO company that unbeknownst to you used some of those shady tactics…

Your Rankings Could Drop from 1 To 300 Overnight!

I get those panicked phone calls and emails often enough that it makes me sad and angry to talked to a small business owner that’s been duped.  But the worst feeling in the world is having to tell them I can’t help them.    I want to – there’s just no way to quickly solve problem.  I can’t solve it… nobody can.

There is no quick fix once a website has been penalized.

Yes, there’s a process you can follow and things can eventually be turned around, but it can take up to 18 months to get things turned around.

Now tell me who really feels the pain in that case?

It’s You!

Your business is the one that’s going to suffer the most.   The business you hired will just go out and find some other sucker.  If you’re lucky, you’ll get your money back for their incompetence but most of the time, all you’ll get is an insincere apology.

So How Do You Safely Get High Search Engine Rankings?

Now I’m sure this is the point where you’re expecting me to give you one of those shameless plugs and tell you that you simply give me a bunch of money, hire me and my SEO Consulting services, and then everything will be peachy.

Not exactly.

I wish it were that simple, but there’s just one problem…

I’m Booked!

In fact, there’s a waiting list.

If you can wait, then I recommend getting on the waiting list and if we’re a good match and I can actually help you then I’ll be happy to help you get more quality traffic to your website.  If your need for an expert SEO guy is immediate, then I’ll have to politely decline.

But I won’t leave you empty handed, alone, and wondering what to do next.

Here are a few questions you can to spot one of the good guys that will help you get results.   If the person you’re considering won’t or can’t answer these questions – move on, no exceptions.

What Exactly Are You Going To Do?  Contrary to popular belief, SEO is not voodoo magic.  Nor does an SEO guy wave a magic wand and, poof, you’re ranked where you want to be.   There’s a process.  Now pretty much every good SEO company has some proprietary processes in place, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing they can tell you.  If they say you have to sign an NDA to know every little juicy detail, then say you will.  But if they can’t or won’t answer how they’re going to get results, I’d steer clear.

Can I See Some Examples Of Previous Rankings You’ve Achieved?  I have nothing against beginners, but if someone has never gotten a website ranked before, why would you want to be the guinea pig when you know what’s at risk if they do it wrong?  Keep in mind they may not have a single example to show you in your industry as many SEO guys only work with one person per industry per area, but they should be able to show you some examples.

How are the spammers doing it?  I’ll admit I love this question – I blatantly stole it from Andrew Shotland so thank him for coming up with it.    Here’s why its so important.  Despite the short sighted nature of what the spammers are doing, the thing is that they do it because it gets results.  It’s dangerous to have implemented on your own website, but if the SEO consultant you’re talking to has no clue how the “bad guys” do it, how in the heck do you expect them to beat them?

Who controls my accounts?  The 2nd client I ever worked with had exactly this problem.  He had been working with another company and they created all his business profiles themselves and then held them hostage when wanted to work with someone else because that particular company was doing a lousy job.   Fortunately the guy had just moved to a new location and they still had his old location so my company was able to fix things pretty quickly – you probably won’t be so lucky so make sure you’ll be given passwords or if you’re really paranoid, just have them tell you what to do and make the necessary changes on critical accounts yourself.   A good SEO company will never mind you doing sensitive work internally (personally, I love it – less work for me).

What happens if we stop working together?  Another shady tactic is to remove work done if you stop working with them.  Keep in mind that if you’re leasing a website from a company and stop working with them, you should expect that to go away.  However, you don’t want the company you hired to actively go out and start deleting links they built on your behalf.  While it is common practice for an SEO company to lease or rent links on websites on a monthly basis, make sure those relationships can be transferred to your company so you don’t lose links you need.   Does that make sense?

Now get out there and start competing!

To Everlasting Fountains Of Traffic,

Gary Ruplinger

P.S.  If you’d like to join the waiting list for my SEO Consulting services, just visit this page.