All About Cyber Security

What is cyber security?

cyber security services are the continuous practice of protecting information, systems, networks and devices against access by unauthorised personnel.

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Cyber-attacks can take many forms including accessing sensitive information, planting malware in devices and systems to destroy data contained therein, misdirection of information, changing the information contained in a device to suit some other interest and even damaging the device such that it cannot be used again.

Who would need cyber security services?

Cyber security is important to everyone and especially people who own or operate devices that have access to the internet. This includes individuals, businesses, governments, institutions like schools, financial institutions, hospitals, and prisons and even families.

Why would someone need cyber security and what are the benefits of cyber security?

Cyber security is important in protecting the information contained in different devices against illegal or unauthorised access. When this information gets into the wrong hands , there could be negative implications that may be hard to reverse. For example, when information on the competitive advantage of your business gets into the hands of competitors, your business may lose revenue and market share.

Cyber security is also important in the prevention of identity theft. Imagine losing your hard earned money to someone who is impersonating you or even losing your good credit score because someone borrowed money in your name and did not repay it. Your identity may also be used in criminal activities which can lead to arrest and prosecution. By having a good cyber security policy in force, your identity is secure and all this can be avoided.

Cyber-attacks can also affect children by influencing them to start bad habits and destroying their self-esteem. If this is not discovered in time, it may affect the education of the child, their behavior and ultimately, it may destroy their lives. There are malicious people who use cyber-attacks to lure children into crime and prostitution. It is therefore necessary for the protection of future generations.

Cyber-attacks could paralyse the whole nation by taking charge of important national assets such as the defense assets and personnel. Those behind the attacks could then use these resources for their own good or to perform evil deeds on behalf of the people that hired them. This could threaten international peace as nations seek to retaliate against these orchestrated attacks.

In addition to this, an attack on the health care systems could result in loss of lives while an attack on financial institutions could have diverse effects on the economy. In short, the effects of the cyber-attacks could range from mild and simple effects to devastating and grounding effects depending on whom or what they attack and their intentions.

How do you get cyber security?

Cyber security is the responsibility of everyone although there may be departments that are specifically charged with identifying, analysing, championing and implementing the best policies to ward off attacks. Everyone should learn basic cyber security measures such as ensuring that you have a strong password where one is needed, ensuring that you log out of all accounts when using shared computers, ensuring that you do not click or follow suspicious links or act upon information in a haze without stepping back to rethink the situation.