Sitting in a pub in Dublin, knocking back a few Guinesses with a few fellow small business owners it dawned on me. 

Most People Have No Idea How To Actually Get Traffic To Their Websites And Couldn’t Do A Lick Of SEO Even If Their Lives Depended On it!

You see, earlier that day I had just given a presentation, a blueprint really, on how to build a website, put content on it that Google loves, and then get it ranked so you get bucket-loads of quality traffic which in turns makes you piles of cash.

Sounds like hype, right?

Here’s the thing – if you followed the blueprint I gave you that day, it really worked.

Of course, at the time I really didn’t have time to do traffic generation work for other people.  I was plenty busy with my own projects and loving it.

It really wasn’t until later that year in July that it really dawned on me that I could help people, a lot of them, if I just put up a website that pulled back the curtain on what really works in the world of SEO and what was just b.s.

I think I was just learning about how valuable lead generation was at the time and I’ll be honest, I saw a lot of value in building a place where business owners could come and learn.

I wasn’t quite sure how this was going to make me money at the time, but I had an idea and a passion… and for the time being, that was enough.

Plus I was so fed up with reading crappy advice from well meaning but clueless people, it really seemed like the kind thing to do.

A couple weeks later…

The Ultimate Traffic Blueprint Website Was Born

At first there wasn’t much to it.  It was a simple splash page (a page where I was collecting email addresses) that offered a free report called the Ultimate Traffic Blueprint.

To be honest, it kind of flopped – I got about 100 people to sign up pretty quickly as I had a bunch of friends in who had websites but after that momentum died down quickly.  It never went viral or anything like that.

However, running parallel to this whole traffic generation idea was this new website called YouTube.  Google had a competing product called Google Video (discontinued).

The web was shifting to being more than text and pictures on a page – it was shifting towards video.

I wanted to be on the cutting edge too so I plunked down a couple grand and got myself some cheap video production equipment.

I decided I was going to start sharing my expertise on topics of search engine optimization and traffic generation on YouTube, and I did, but…

My First Videos Were So Cheesy, They’re Almost Funny Now!

Okay, so I wasn’t a natural in front of the camera.

But here’s one thing I did right.

I kept making them.

I started to get a little better each time.  I didn’t have to spend hours and hours doing 15 takes just to get one take that worked.  Heck, eventually I got good enough to where I could make a video in one take most of the time.

And as I kept making those videos, this little website that was a flop kept getting more and more traffic and much to my surprise…

People Wanted To Give Me Money To Get More Traffic To Their Websites Because Of Those Cheesy Little Videos

And you know what I said?

I said no!

I didn’t want their money.  I was still too busy with my own websites to do outside work for hire.

I guess that’s a good problem to have – more people wanting to give you money than you can handle.

Now these days my business model has changed some and I do help a few select clients with getting more visitors to their websites, but it’s still pretty exclusive – There’s a waiting list for those who are interested and you do have to qualify before I will work with you.

But the main goal of Ultimate Traffic Blueprint remains.

Provide quality, free, actionable content that actually gets results when you use it.

I hope you enjoy your visit here and I hope that you will tell your friends about this site.  Whether you Tweet it, Like it on Facebook, share it on Google +, or if it’s good old fashioned word of mouth (my personal favorite), it doesn’t matter.   But do only tell your friends if I earn it.


Gary Ruplinger
Founder, Ultimate Traffic Blueprint