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It’s closing today.
Tonight at midnight, my personal one on one coaching program closes to new clients and everyone who applies after that time will get put on the waiting list (last time, I went 5 months before reopening).  
Stuck in the middle?
I’ve had two types of people applying to the coaching program so far.  1)  People really struggling or just getting started and 2) Very successful business owners who want an edge to be even more successful. 
The one thing I’ve noticed, however, is the people who are in the middle are nowhere to be found.  I’ve been stuck in the middle before and this just might be that push you’ve been looking for to get over the hump.  
Let’s get busy!
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that today is your last chance to apply so if you’ve been thinking about it, go do it right now before time runs out.
After you apply, your reponses get sent directly to me to review and you can expect and email or phone call from me within 24 hours so we can see if we’re going to be a good fit working together.  
Have a great day (it’s Friday after all)!
Gary Ruplinger
P.S.  Here’s a cool little tip I gave on a call with a client this week who’s been having problems sleeping because he has too many ideas (it’s not a bad problem to have, but holy cow is it annoying when it happens to you and you’re trying to sleep.)  
So here’s what you do.  Get yourself a pile of notecards and a pen and put them on your nightstand next to the bed.  Next time an idea pops into your head while you’re trying to sleep, write it on the card (I’ve even learned to do it without turning on the lights) and deal with your idea in the morning.  Then you can get some sleep, because you’re gonna need it…

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