How To Build A Link Wheel

In this video I show you a cool way to boost your traffic and search engine rankings quickly.

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  1. breeanne gaw says:

    Love ALL your videos Gary!!!! I’m starting this link wheel ASAP!!!Thank You,Thank You, for all you advise.

  2. Phillipa says:

    Thanks Gary for a great video. Just wanted clarity with regards the keyword phrase. Are you saying that the entire link wheel is based on one keyword phrase i.e. you need to write say eg 18 different articles, all based on “how to impress your girlfriend by writing her a love song” and then link them all together?


  3. This was a very informative article. I publish articles to several sites. For some reason, I did not consider linking these pages together. I am looking through your other entries now. As I work through your SEO tips, I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks again, I wish you continued success.

  4. That’s a killer illustration/video, I’m a visual person so your presentation really gave me that “visual perspective” about this whole link wheel business.

    I personally have been too afraid to start interlinking the spokes of my wheels – which i guess doesn’t make them wheels at all, rather just a bunch of sites all pointing in (sometimes they are a couple of tiers deep, pointing *through* each other, if that makes any sense?). I’m usually too afraid of leaving a gigantic footprint the size of Kentucky.

    Have you had any problems?

  5. April says:


    I am writing a press release and caught onto your SEO tips on YouTube.

    I went onto your website and signed up for the free offer you have there and was taken
    to a page where I was asked to buy something for $3.95.
    It doesn’t even look like your website.

    I really don’t like bait and switch.
    I am doing a legitimate business and looking for like-minded businesses.
    Your videos are helpful. I hope you are real.

  6. Hi, interesting ideas I have linked some of my marketing together but will now look into linking everything as you say. The use of log tail keywords is something I have been trying and it does work so long as there are enough people searching for that term. Look forward to your future posts. Cheers Gordon

  7. Brocha Weiss says:

    Thanks Gary for these video. It gave us a detailed steps on how to generate massive to the site. Building a link wheel would give you a lot of links back to your main site.

    For Phillipa, I suggest you register or look for a software that helps you spin your article. That way, you can save your time in getting different versions of your article.

  8. I was not doing this link wheel before but after viewing your videos, I am convinced with this link strategy. Now, I started digging more of your entries for another tips.

  9. that sounds like a great system, thanks for the tips.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wow I have just recently been getting into free traffic and doing seo using some of jeff johnson’s traffic voodoo techniques, but I like the link wheel strategy man…I am surprised you don’t have a bigger name or reputation. Good content I can wait to grab some more

  11. Rick Barko says:

    You can also create a feed using Feedburner and post it to RSS directories to get more traffic.

  12. Thanks for the great video, I have heard about the linkwheel concept before but never really looked into it. Really a simple concept that should be very useful, I will definetly start using this with my linkbuilding, Thanks again.

  13. linkwheel is very important,this is one of the most innovative in internet marketing that gives a great strategies.many of the internet marketers are starting to implement this to monitor the better result and on how to manage all the in wheel website.this is a big help for you to creates a link wheels more faster.thanks for sharing this post!

  14. John says:

    I have the same question as Phillipa – do you write unique content for every article that you publish to hubpages, ezine articles etc?

    I wasn’t aware that there even was an article spin software? Surely they can’t be reliable enough to write unique enough content to keep google happy?

  15. Gary Ruplinger says:

    I do try to get unique content on EzineArticles and HubPages. As far as article spinning software goes, it can actually turn out very high quality articles if you take the time to write a few versions of your article that will work well together. However, the old adage of “garbage in, garbage out” certainly applies here. Yes, doing quality article spinning takes time but it’s time well spent for those trying to get more traffic to their websites.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Gary , article spinning is one of the best ways to make a lot of unique articles

  17. Carmie Brent says:

    My client ask me to build a link wheel. At first because i am not familiar to that i don’t know what will i do, i just say yes i will do the link wheel. I figure out that the link wheel is a group of sites having a backlinks from one to another but still connected to the main site. From the word wheel;) it is a great seo tactics to boost your website.

  18. ForzaRP says:

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  19. Gary Riding says:

    I don’t know if linkwheels nowadays are still big SEO factor in ranking to Google. Few months ago Google has made so many changes that ranking has become more difficult.

  20. dror shtivi says:

    gary hi
    i didnt understand what i need to do with this tag
    [ev type="youtube" data="8ggJa5V388c"][/ev]
    where i need to put it?

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