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Two things, then I’ll let you get back to your regularly scheduled Sunday evening, but they’re important, so read them ASAP. 
I just got word from Frank Kern that *everybody* who gets Mass Control
2.0 is also getting to come to one of his legendary workshops in
San Diego.

And this is ONLY for customers. The "public" won’t be admitted
at any price.

I went to this last year – it was AWESOME!
This will be a *workshop* …NOT a seminar. No pitching, no fluff,
just Frank giving you all he possibly can for two straight days.


This is *ONLY* available to people who order Mass Control.

NO ONE ELSE can come. Period.

So if you want in, you need to be ready to TAKE ACTION on Monday
when Mass Control 2.0 goes live.

Look, I guess it’s kind of "typical" to have a bunch of "scarcity" in
these big launches.

And I’m not trying to put pressure on you but the fact is, Mass Control
will sell out quickly.

Frank’s stuff always does.

And I’m sure you’ve noticed that everyone and their brother is
promoting this.

So rather than try to sell you on it, I figured I’d show you this new
video Frank *just* released.

In it, he walks you through exactly what’s in Mass Control and explains
what each section of the course can do for you.


I decided to "sweeten the pot" a bit for those of you
who decide to get Mass Control 2.0 through me. 
Mass Control is an awesome product, however, it 
does have a flaw.  So I’m going to do for you what I
wish someone would have done for me when I got
Mass Control.
Watch this video on my blog to learn how you can get this bonus.
Warning: I’m limiting this to 10 people, so please don’t dilly dally around tomorrow. 
 Have a great evening,
Gary Ruplinger
P.S.  Remember, watch this video to get your exclusive Mass Control 2.0 bonus tomorrow.

2530 S 13th St, Lincoln, NE 68502, USA

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