White Hat Search Engine Optimization Just Makes Sense

In an online world where everyone is trying to make money quickly and where everyone wants everything right now without having to work for it, it’s easy to see the appeal of blackhat search engine optimization.

With the relative ease of use (if you have the right tools and knowledge), and the speed at which you can make money, a lot of people have flocked to using blackhat search engine optimization techniques.

I’ll even admit to having ventured over to the “dark side” for a couple years. However, I got out of it once I realized that I wasn’t building anything of value, and that I’d have to continue working hard for a diminishing return.

You see, that’s the problem you face when in the world of blackhat search engine optimization. Like an outlaw, you’re always running from the law – or in this case the Google. There’s just no long term value in the blackhat world.

You’ll spend your time trying to keep the websites you build under the radar. Instead of trying to get listed on the first page of the search engines, you’ll be happy with page two or three because you know that page one would simply bring too much attention to your site.

You’ll actually get nervous if you have a website that gets over 1,000 visitors in a day because you’ll realize that the life cycle of your website is about to end (trust me, it is), and you’ll have to start back at square one as soon as the website gets banned.

Blackhat search engine optimization can even cause problems in your personal life. People will ask you what you do, and you’ll give some vague answer so as not to reveal what you actually do because you’re not proud of it and certainly don’t want people to see examples of you work.

Conversely, when you’re dealing in the world of whitehat search engine optimization you’ll notice that it takes a little longer to get a lot of traffic flowing into your website, but you’re not in constant fear of it disappearing.

If you suddenly start getting thousands of visitors a day, it’ll be cause to throw a party, not panic. You’ll know that the work you’ve put into the site is paying off.

Whitehat search engine optimization is a long term strategy whereas blackhat search engine optimization is absolutely a short term strategy. With whitehat you’re building an asset that you could eventually sell if you chose to, but a blackhat website has almost no value on the market these days – nobody wants to own a website that is in imminent danger of getting banned by the search engines.

Don’t let the dark side tempt you – stick to the light side and you’ll be a lot better off two years down the road than your colleagues that decide to go blackhat.

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  1. Great Article – thanks from Germany.

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  3. Martha says:

    couldnt agree more. you hit it right on.

  4. Will says:

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