How To Easily Get Free Traffic To Your Website

I see posts in forums just about everyday from somebody new wondering how they can get free traffic to their website or how they can get high search engine rankings.

They want to know all the magical little “secrets” to getting tons of traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

I used to reply to all of these forums posts with my answer, but it always seemed that someone would pop up the very next day asking the same question, so I’m going to cover some very simple things you can do to get traffic to your website right here in my blog instead.

But here’s the key…

You ready?

You sure? You might not want to hear this.

Okay, if you’re really sure…

The key to building up massive amounts of free search engine traffic is to take ACTION.

It’s not some silly little automated system that just sucks up your money, or the latest search engine “loophole” for you to exploit that will actually accomplish the opposite of what you want.

The key is to take action so if you’re expecting to sit on your butt and traffic will magically appear, then free search engine traffic isn’t for you. It’s great traffic to get, but it takes a little bit of work to get it.

Okay, if I’ve got you convinced that taking action is what it’s going to take to get a lot of free search engine traffic, let me give you some simple actions you can take.

Daily Actions

Here are some actions you can take on a daily basis, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to do this all within 15 minutes. Some things you could do: make a post everyday in a niche related to your website with a simple link in your signature linking back to your website; make a post on your website’s blog; you could also comment on other people’s blogs leaving helpful feedback or commentary and also including a link back to your site.

Obviously, that’s not an all inclusive list of things you can do to build traffic on a daily basis, but it should help you get the wheels turning in your head to come up with even more ways.

Weekly Actions

For your weekly actions, you could take an hour or two out of one day and get these done. You could write an article or two on a topic related to your website, and submit it to popular article directories like EzineArticles. You could also submit your website to 5-10 directories. There are literally thousands of directories out there. You could even record a video and put it up on Youtube and other video sharing sites, and drive traffic to your site with video.

Monthly Actions

Every month you could take an hour or two to write and distribute a press release. Press releases are actually easy to write, and a good press release can drive a ton of traffic to your website in addition to getting you a lot of high quality links.

So there you have it, some simple actions you can take on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Just make sure you pick something you can do on a consistent basis and watch your website traffic keep on going up right along with it.

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Linkvana Review – An honest review of the Linkvana one way link system

If you’re wondering if the Linkvana one way link building system is a worthwhile investment, then this review if for you.

When it comes to link building systems, I’ll be honest, there’s a lot of junk out there. And when it comes to link building a lot of people take the attitude of, “couldn’t hurt.”

In the world of link building, that’s not true at all. If you get links from “bad neighborhoods” or if you get too many at once or if they all use the same anchor text, these links that you thought were going to help you will actually hurt your search engine rankings and could even lead to the eventual banning of your domain name.

I know because I’ve used many of them in the past in an attempt to more easily improve my position in the search engines.

So it’s only natural I guess that I would be skeptical of a one way link building system that allows you to build unlimited links to unlimited domains. My first thought was, “here we go again.”

However, after reading the salesletter at (which was surpringly low key and hype free) I started to think that maybe, just maybe this one was different.

It sounded like it had been designed to not only be easy to use, but also to build links the correct way. And by correct I’m saying that you can vary up the anchor text pointing to your site, build links slowly over time instead of all at once, and get links from quality sites that all have Pagerank and a quality backlink structure of their own.

After debating it for about a week, I finally did decide to just bit the bullet and give it a try.

And once I got the hang of the system I found that it was extremely effective in increasing the rankings, and consequently traffic of several of my test sites. In just two weeks, I saw the traffic on two of my test sites double, and now I have to admit that I’m hooked.

What I’ve done is identified the 8 main advantages this system has over many of the others that you’ll see floating around out there promising to help you build one way links to your website.

1) Links are built over time.

The main problem that most link building systems have is that they build too many links too quickly. Linksvana has solved that that problem by throttling how many links it will send to one “project” at a time. I believe the limit is set to 8 links per day, which is about right.

However, through the magic of their queue system you can build several hundred links in a month, and their system will automatically spread them up over the course of the entire month instead of sending them all to your website at once.

If you’ve ever used a system like you know just how fast you can typically get links when your campaign is approved – typically it’s too fast.

2) Blogs in the network are all unique content

Unique content is king. However, the content also needs to make sense. Linksvana only accepts unique content in their system (and not junk “spun” content either). That means that their blogs look just like any other blog on the Internet – unique. This feature prevents any potential footprints and keeps the links you get from this system of high value.

That means it’s a little bit more work initially, but the long term benefits of a unique content system completely trump the little bit more effort you need to put in.

3) Blogs all have age and Pagerank

Of course, if all the blogs were brand new and not indexed in Google, they really wouldn’t do much good in helping your search engine rankings.

While I do have some theories as to how this system was put together, I’m still rather amazed that they have so many different blogs that are all at least Pagerank 2 (many are higher) and that they’re all at least a year old with some being up to six years old. The fact that these blogs are in good standing in Google is critical to making it work.

4) Easiest system I’ve ever used to build deep links to a website

Have you read my blog post on deep links? If not, then suffice it to say, deep links are extremely important to helping your website rank well in the search engines, especially for highly competitive terms.

The only problem is that a lot of other link building techniques only help you build links to the home page of your website. The other easy way to do this is through article marketing, but since article marketing just isn’t as effective as it used to be, this system make a great replacement to using articles to build deep links.

5) Centralized Interface

One of the things I’ve really come to appreciate about this system is the centralized user interface. You can manage all of your projects from one control panel, and using the system is actually quite intuitive. And I have nothing against (which I also recommend), but this system is so much easier to use.

6) Unlimited Links and Domains

While every system has practical limits somewhere, you’re not limited in the number of links you can build to one website and you’re not limited to the number of domains you can add.

While you can only build 240 links per month to one domain, you could do that every month, and you could do that on 50 domains if you liked every month. That’s 12,000 links per month!

7) Easy to do yourself or cheap to outsource

Part of the reason that they allow you to have unlimited numbers of links and domains is that a little bit of work has to go into creating each link. You don’t just login and automatically queue up 2880 links and forget about building links for the rest of the year.

Instead, you write short little blogs posts (each must be unique, not PLR, copied, or spun content) and then you queue up the post in the system. A couple days later you’ve got a link.

While these posts are easy to write and only take about 3 minutes to do apiece, there is still a time commitment involved.

If you just don’t have that kind of time, then they have a ridiculously cheap outsourcing option where you can have them create the unique blog posts for you for just $2/post. So even if you don’t have time, you can use this system to build a heck of a lot of quality links.

8 – Limited number of members allowed

To protect the integrity of the network and to allow everyone to get the most benefit out of a system like this, it makes sense that this type of network has to be limited in the number of people who can join.

That’s why I’m writing this review right now. Normally, I’d spend several more months testing this system like I did with to be absolutely certain it works before I recommended it to you. However, I’m fairly certain it will be full by then, and I don’t want you to miss out.

My initial testing has found that it can very quickly and very effectively boost your rankings, especially for terms of low and medium competition (I haven’t tested high competition keywords yet as it has been less than a month since I started using this system). And keep in mind that if you have a bunch of low traffic keywords that you rank well for that even though each page doesn’t bring in substantial traffic that together they will bring in a ton of traffic.

So what I’m really trying to say is that if you want more traffic to your website, then this is one system that I’d highly recommend trying out.

You can learn all about Linkvana at

Bonus: To encourage you to give this system a try I’m sweetening the pot a little bit. You see, while this system is highly effective at building links you still need to know how to structure them. That’s why I recorded a short video that gives you several advanced use tips that will help you get the most out of this system.

To get this bonus, you must order at then use the contact form on this site to forward your purchase receipt. I’ll then send you the video for you to watch.

Have a great day, and happy link building.


White Hat Search Engine Optimization Just Makes Sense

In an online world where everyone is trying to make money quickly and where everyone wants everything right now without having to work for it, it’s easy to see the appeal of blackhat search engine optimization.

With the relative ease of use (if you have the right tools and knowledge), and the speed at which you can make money, a lot of people have flocked to using blackhat search engine optimization techniques.

I’ll even admit to having ventured over to the “dark side” for a couple years. However, I got out of it once I realized that I wasn’t building anything of value, and that I’d have to continue working hard for a diminishing return.

You see, that’s the problem you face when in the world of blackhat search engine optimization. Like an outlaw, you’re always running from the law – or in this case the Google. There’s just no long term value in the blackhat world.

You’ll spend your time trying to keep the websites you build under the radar. Instead of trying to get listed on the first page of the search engines, you’ll be happy with page two or three because you know that page one would simply bring too much attention to your site.

You’ll actually get nervous if you have a website that gets over 1,000 visitors in a day because you’ll realize that the life cycle of your website is about to end (trust me, it is), and you’ll have to start back at square one as soon as the website gets banned.

Blackhat search engine optimization can even cause problems in your personal life. People will ask you what you do, and you’ll give some vague answer so as not to reveal what you actually do because you’re not proud of it and certainly don’t want people to see examples of you work.

Conversely, when you’re dealing in the world of whitehat search engine optimization you’ll notice that it takes a little longer to get a lot of traffic flowing into your website, but you’re not in constant fear of it disappearing.

If you suddenly start getting thousands of visitors a day, it’ll be cause to throw a party, not panic. You’ll know that the work you’ve put into the site is paying off.

Whitehat search engine optimization is a long term strategy whereas blackhat search engine optimization is absolutely a short term strategy. With whitehat you’re building an asset that you could eventually sell if you chose to, but a blackhat website has almost no value on the market these days – nobody wants to own a website that is in imminent danger of getting banned by the search engines.

Don’t let the dark side tempt you – stick to the light side and you’ll be a lot better off two years down the road than your colleagues that decide to go blackhat.

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