Blackhat SEO Confessions – Stop Looking For Search Engine Loopholes

It seems like every few months someone releases a new product promising to reveal the latest search engine loophole to you that will finally show you how you can get the #1 ranking in Google in less than 60 seconds.

Okay, I’m exaggerating a little, but not that much.

The problem with these people and their products is that even if they did uncover a legitimate loophole, as soon as a lot of people start to take advantage of it and ultimately abuse it, that loophole is slammed shut, and the people who are using that loophole are frequently penalized if not outright banned from the search engines for it.

I have a lot of first hand experience with this. A few years ago, I built websites that really had no value to the people who visited them, but you could trick the search engines into thinking that these were great sites, and the search engines would reward you with high search engines and a lot of traffic.

Initially, it worked great, but once the search engines figured out what was going on, they got rid of the little loopholes that people like me were taking advantage of and banned those websites.

I had websites go from getting 5,000+ visitors per day to 50.

Trust me, that’s not a good feeling.

These days, however, I do things very differently. I don’t even bother with the latest loophole or blackhat tactic of that day – I follow a strategy that has been working for years, and will continue to work for the foreseeable future.

And it’s a really simple strategy.

I follow basic search engine optimization guidelines, update and add content to my site regularly, and seek out high quality links for my website.

I know it’s not as sexy as pushing buttons and getting a site that gets thousands of visitors a day, but a month later when that site you built with sexy button pushing software is getting absolutely no visitors, my site will be continuing to get more traffic.

Another benefit to building high quality sites that are built to last, and that’s that they’re something you can sell. You see, those crappy sites that try to take advantage of the search engines aren’t worth anything as soon as they stop getting traffic, and it’s not a matter of if they stop getting traffic, it’s a matter of when. On the other hand, if your build a site that people legitimately like to visit, then it’s reasonable to assume that the search engines will like it too and you’ll be rewarded with more traffic which makes your website very attractive to potential buyers.

So stop trying to play tricks on the search engines, in the long run, you’re going to be a lot better off building high quality websites than you would building junk websites.

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  1. Joe Smith says:

    This is swell in terms of search engine optimization. Nothing appears to annoy against it compared to this.

  2. Martha says:

    couldnt agree more. you hit it right on.

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