SEO Lessons – Lesson 8 – Deep Linking

In this lesson I cover the concept of deep linking.

So what is deep linking? Well, for our purposes, I’m going to refer to deep linking as any link to your website that doesn’t go to the homepage, i.e. it’s a link you’ve got that points to one of the internal pages of your website.

Now why is this important?

Well, for just about any good website, there’s more pages that are interesting enough to link to besides the homepage. And Google knows this, so if every link you get is pointing to your homepage, well, that looks unnatural, and Google get suspicious. They want to see links links pointing to internal pages on your website. If you write a particularly good article, if you site has some really interesting threads on its forum, if you site offers a free tool or piece of software, those are pages that people should find interesting and they should have links pointing directly to them.

So when you’re out getting links to you site, identify pages that you think are interesting or that you want to rank high for their keywords. Now, next time you’re submitting an article, or you’re bookmarking your site, or even issuing a press release, point a link to that page instead of your homepage.

Once you start getting links to your internal pages, you’ll find your position in the search engines taking a nice bump up.

Of course, it helps if the pages you’re getting links to are actually good enough that people will want to link to them, but that’s all I’ll say about quality in this video.

Well, that covers deep linking – that wasn’t so hard was it? Now go out and start getting some links. And I’ll just hang out here, and see you for the next lesson.

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