SEO Lessons – Lesson 6 – Anchor Text

Sorry about the long layoff in between videos here. I’ve had this one sitting on my hard drive for the last month but haven’t posted it. Oops.

Anyway, this video covers the topic of anchor text and how to use it to dramatically improve your search engine rankings.

So what is anchor text? Anchor text is the text you see on a webpage that you can click on that will take you from the page you’re on to a new page or website. For example, on the text that’s on your screen, Traffic Generation Techniques, is the anchor text.  (note:  if you’re confused, this is a transcript from the video… this is a not so subtle hint to remind you to actually watch the video if you’re confused – it’ll help clear things up lickity split.)

And if we look at the code for the page, we see that the anchor text is simply the code for a link with the text showing up in place of the url for the link. I’ve made the exact syntax blue – hopefully it’s big enough for you to read.

So why is anchor text important. This is one of the ways that search engines like google figure out what your site is about. Now you might be thinking that Google should just be able to read your page to figure that out, but the way Google sees is, that part is easy to manipulate.

For example, if a restaurant tells you that they’re the best restaurant in town, are you going to believe them? Maybe, maybe not. However, if ten friends of yours tell you that restaurant is the best restaurant in town, you’re probably far more likely to believe that it really is the best restaurant in town.

Basically, that’s what links using anchor text do for your website. They’re your third party endorsement for what your site is really about.

So when you’re out getting links, you want to be actively seeking links that will use anchor text that describes your site. So if your site is about horse racing, you want links that say “horse racing” in their anchor text instead of “click here for Bob’s site”.  Ya savvy?

When the search engines read horse racing in the link and they visit your site and the text on the site also says it’s about horse racing, then the search engines are far more likely to believe you than if you didn’t have links with anchor text, which will result in much higher search engine rankings.

Now not everyone who links to you will use the anchor text you want, and that’s okay, you don’t want everyone to say the exact same thing anyway.

If you want to go out and get some links pointing to your site that will allow you to choose the anchor text, then submit some articles to article directories or submit your website to regular directories. Both will allow you to choose the anchor text that points back to your site.

That covers this lesson on anchor text. If you have any questions, just post them in the comments.

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