SEO Lessons – Lesson 4 – The Importance Of Quality Content

This lesson covers why you need high quality content on your website if you want to succeed at having good long term search engine rankings.

In today’s lesson, I want to cover something that’s going to be vital to your long term search engine rankings.


What is content? Well, it’s the actual stuff that makes up your website. The articles, blogs, forums, saleletters, opt-in pages, videos, cute little pictures of cats with funny sayings…  all that stuff.

I’ll admit that I used to be a fan of using as much automation as possible to build a website. Today, however, I sing a very different tune, and for a very good reason – that crap doesn’t work anymore. When you build crappy sites with automated software, or something that you just quickly threw together, you’re severly limiting your websites potential. You may be able to fool people and the search engines for a little bit, but sooner or later, you’re going to be found out, and at that point, you’re going to need to start over from scratch.

To help illustrate this point, lets pretend you’re opening a shoe store. To get people to visit your store for its grand opening, you decide you’re going to visit everywhere. You advertise on the TV, the radio, the newspaper, heck you’re even putting flyers on peoples’ doors. You’re going all out because you want people to visit your store.

So the big day comes, and you did your job – you’ve even got people waiting outside for you to open. So you open the doors, and the people start pouring in.

However, there’s a problem. There’s no shoes in your shoe store. Instead you’re trying to pitch everyone who comes in on why they need to buy a timeshare. Do you think people are going to stick around? Heck no. People are gonna be pissed off.

And some of these angry folks aren’t just going to leave. Nope, they’re going to call up and report you to the FCC for false advertising, and if you don’t clean up your act in a hurry, you’re going to be out of business.

So let’s move back to the Internet world. But instead of all that advertising, let’s say you went out and used the methods in my Ultimate Traffic Blueprint to build yourself a ton of links because you want to rank well in the search engines. And as a result of those links, you’ve gotten yourself traffic to your website. Let’s just use the example that you’ve built a shoe site. And you’re advertising your site as a place to get shoe reviews and buying guides.

However, when people visit, all they see are a bunch of advertisements, an no shoe reviews. Do you think people are going to stick around?


Do you think any of those people are going to recommend your site to anyone else?

No again.

And just like our shoe store example, some of these people are going to report you, but not to the FCC, to the search engines for being a spam site. And once the search engines deem your site to be crap, all those links you’ve gotten aren’t going to do jack for your search engine rankings because you’re going to be heavily penalized or banned outright. And once that happens, you need to start over. Any time, effort, and money you put into that start is pretty much going to be wasted.

I’ll be covering several methods for getting links in future videos, but I wanted to talk about content first, because you’re linking efforts are going to be less effective, if not wasted, if you’re not focused on quality content for your website.

Hopefully, I’ve persuaded you that quality content is important. So now let’s move on to what makes up good content?

Good content really isn’t that hard. It can be a lot of things. Educational, interesting, opinionated, controversial, news, a review, entertaining, funny, commentary, accusational, and the list goes on. It is usually an article or blog post, but it could be video, audio, a series of pictures.

When you’re writing your content, don’t concern yourself with things like keyword density or optimizing your article for certain keywords or phrases – just write. When you start trying to incorporate that search engine optimization stuff, you typically sacrifice the flow and readability or what you’re writing.

And one last thing about content, you always need to have a steady stream of new stuff to add. Search engines like sites that are updated frequently. So give them what they want. Update your site regularily, if you have a blog on your site, that’s the easiest way to keep adding fresh content, but that’s certainly not the only way.

Well, that covers my lesson on content. Remember, quality first. In my next lesson I’ll start covering the link building process – I just wanted to make sure you understand that a quality site is important.

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