SEO Basics – Lesson 2 – The Title Tag

A lesson on the title tag and its importance to your search engine optimization efforts.

Here’s the text version and probably a typo or two… for your reading pleasure, of course :)

Welcome to another SEO lesson. Last time, I covered the the importance of building quality links and how links are the most important aspect to getting high rankings.

Today, I’m going to cover one of the most important on site ranking factors, and one that’s really simple to use, The Title tag.

First, let’s cover what the title tag is and where to find it.

Let’s take a look at a sample piece of code for a website. I’ll use the code from If you want to follow along and you can’t read what’s on the screen here, in a new window go to (pause this video if you have to) click on the view button and then click on source. It’ll bring up a notepad file that will show you the code for my site.

So let me just give you a quick explanation of what we’re looking at – at the very top you’ll see my document type declaration.

Below that you’ll see the head of the document. This is where we put our title tag and our meta tags.

Okay, so what do we put in our title tag – easy – the words we want to that particular page to rank highly for. In this case I want to rank highly for the phrase free search engine optimization report so that’s what I put in my title tag. I’ve also found that it helps to include more words – perhaps another keyword phrase – just don’t go crazy with this.

And since we’re here let me cover meta tags since this is a topic that comes up frequently if you read any seo books. Now you’ll see that have a meta description tag and a meta keyword tag. These used to be important from a search engine optimization standpoint. That’s no longer the case. If you don’t include them, don’t worry, the benefit you get from having them is minimal at best and they tend to be ignored by some of the major search engines. So you realy don’t need them.

Getting back to the title tag. Here’s where it shows up, whenever you look at search engine results, the part that you see in blue is the title tag for that site. It not only tells the search engines the topic of your page, it also tells your potential visitor, which is ultimately our goal, right, to get visitors.

So that pretty much covers title tags. Remember, good titles include the keywords you want to rank highly for and leave out words like homepage or website.


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